In this course we go through techniques from the classic yoga tradition - a holistic yoga. Traditional yoga not only makes the body soft and supple, but also gradually leads you to become more aware of your inner self. From the relaxed concentrated state that physical yoga paves the way for, and that the breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation deepen, you have an easier time seeing yourself and your life in perspective. If you do the methods regularly, you also get an increased energy and drive that you can use to live your life in a creative and harmonious way. The course is primarily aimed at those who have done yoga before and want to move on. The course requires active and regular participation.

Traditional Hatha yoga is a holistic yoga. It offers a broad spectrum of techniques to transform the body and mind in a gentle yet powerful way. Physical yoga exercises make the body soft and supple, breathing exercises release tension from the nervous system. Deep relaxation and meditation gradually lead you to become more aware of the different dimensions of your being. The combination of these methods provides a tested path to Regular practice of these methods bring about an increased energy and clarity that you can use to live your life in a creative and harmonious way.

Physical yoga brings about a relaxed and concentrated state, which breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation deepen even further. Breathing exercises and meditation harmonize the nervous system and brain, revealing and releasing habitual patterns and tensions. The perspective gained brings about increased freedom to live a conscious life. You will learn techniques that recharge your energy, de-stress and center yourself. 

Classical yoga is a holistic yoga system with practices aiming to unify all dimensions of your being. Physical yoga asanas remove tensions from the body making it strong and supple. Breathing exercises optimize the functions of the entire nervous system including the brain, bringing about clarity and stable energy. Deep relaxation and meditation further enhance the state of relaxed awareness. By becoming conscious of the different aspects of your being, undesired patterns and habits are revealed and released. This gives freedom to live life with awareness and creativity. 

Meditation – the art of being 

There are several paths that can lead you to the experience of pure awareness, meditation is one of them. Through breath, mantra, visualization and other practices we may arrive at a state where presence itself is revealed, a state of awake restfulness. In this state a total transformation on all levels of your being takes place without effort. When challenges arise in everyday life, the insight of who you really are helps you to navigate these situations with greater ease and resources. Meditation not only brings clarity and energy but also unleashes the creativity and joy of existence that is innate to all humans. 

Pranayama – secrets of the breath 

Pranayama in itself is much more than breathing exercises, it the science of mastering and expanding the life force, prana. The breath being the link between the conscious and unconscious, breathing exercises are unsurpassed tool to access states of altered consciousness. In this workshop series you will learn how to work with your vital energy through the medium of your breath. You need to participate in the previous workshops to proceed to the next.


Luisa Blumenthal was brought up in a secular yet open minded home. Living in different places of the world as a child she was exposed to various spiritual and cultural traditions. Seeking to find a deeper understanding of herself and of reality, Luisa’s interest in philosophy, psychology and religion finally led her to yoga and meditation in her teens. 

Her first contact with meditation having made such a deep impression she decided to forsake university studies in order to devote herself to yoga and meditation sadhana full time. Travelling, she came into contact with buddhist and tantric meditation teachers with whom she studied 2010-2011. Coming home from her travels, Luisa was living in the ashrams of her teachers, receiving traditional tantric training and initiation during the years of 2012-2018. During the years of her ashram training, she was exposed to several sufi practices, of which sama and dhikr were a few that made a thorough imprint on her.

Luisa is an authorized yoga and meditation teacher and has been teaching full time since 2013. She is the co-founder of Hamsa Yoga, a tantric yoga and meditation school founded in 2020. The tantric tradition has roots reaching far back in time, and as a mystical tradition, it has offered an alternative, expansive take on spirituality as opposed to imparting dogmas or rules. Tantra has always been open to the earnest seeker, regardless of gender or social status, as opposed to the more orthodox yoga lineages, which historically have been mainly reserved for male adepts of high casts. Luisa’s way of teaching is based on the belief that yoga is for everyone, not only for athletes or for ascetics. Yoga is not limited to mere gymnastics or seen as a means for physical wellbeing, but also as a crucial tool for a wider understanding of the Self. 

Besides offering weekly classes and workshops, Luisa has specialized in teaching yoga for pregnancy and postpartum as well as yoga for the elderly. Her favorite way of teaching though, is through retreats, as it provides an unsurpassed opportunity to impart knowledge through a transformative personal experience. Luisa hasve. extensive experience of retreats both as facilitator and as participant, having been on her first 10 day silent retreat in 2010. Since then she has participated in numerous retreats as a participant and has facilitated countless retreats during her ashram training. With a calling to serve women, Luisa is a trained doula and is currently also a midwifery student. Initiated into several sufi orders she is an authorized guide with permission to share teachings on the Path of Love.


Sohbet is transmission of information via the act of association from guide to seeker.

Alicia AliInterdisciplinary Soul Artist

A Transformational Spiritual Life Coach, Brain Optimization Consultant, Self Esteem Coach for Kids and Lifestyle Editor at The Rahnuma Daily. Alicia comes from a diverse family background and traces her roots to the province of Hijaz, Saudi Arabia. As an authorized guide and initiate of the Path of Love, Alicia’s unique approach to fusing traditional wisdom with new age spirituality has captured the attention of seekers globally.

some of us are visionaries

some of us envision great change 

through a love shift

some of us are supporters of visionaries

who want the love shift

– Alicia Ali

Her carefully selected poetic themes on love, wine, consciousness, separation, union and soulmates to name a few, may raise brows here, yet she is adamant in crossing ideological boundaries through the art of poetic and artistic expression in order to achieve a sense of humanistic equilibrium. Alicia’s artistic expressions bring together spiritual philosophies while her water colour dervishes reflect (the usually veiled) Divine Feminine energy through her depictions. She subliminally sheds light on the need to understand age old wisdom traditions through the lens of the feminine. Alicia challenges, explores and imparts spiritual teachings in collaboration with inspired writings on spiritual themes and axioms of Ishq. She speaks of Arabia as the Land of Love which is vividly expressed to the seeing eye through her unique work on all fronts. 

heart is art

art is heart

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