Divaan E Ishq

Give all for love, everything. A complete abandonment of logic

Women must be seen and heard. Women of Divaan E Ishq are expressive and in essence artists. They express through external means, be it dance, song, poetry, oratory, art or other artistic means. The art, an expression of Ishq, must be the means to seduce hearts. By whatever means necessary, the lover unveil her heart to herself, the rest is desert. 

In a more formal understanding, one may consider our space as poetic therapy designed to regulate emotions and balance one's energetic body, physical, mention and spiritual body.

Divaan E Ishq



We welcome you with our hearts. May your entry into this portal be blessed always. We are here by the order of Ishq. We submit to love and all her demands. We are here to drown in the eternal ocean of love. We are here to annihilate our entire being in the Ocean of Al Wadud, The Most Loving. In this Divaan, Love is our guide. The book is Love and so is the breath. By way of being and doing we are love, anything less is not. 

Like in all sacred spaces, secret or open, there are frames. 

Here are a few for Divaan E Ishq:

Bring your shawl, chador, a means to experience non-form

Bring your book and a pen for penning or your phone.

Leave your mind at the threshold, place it by the baab. Enter with your heart.

What is transmitted and shared here is between those present, this is a trust. Trust must be honored. 

A secret told in trust is a secret kept.

Be beautiful in manners. Nothing is learned without Adeb (manners)

This space is a monthly space to connect, expand and become. 

Our mode of learning is by sohbet, companionship, discourse/transmission. Books are not our primary mode of learning. 

In adhering to the Drunken School of Mysticism, we are not afraid to love, we do not shun mortal love, we see no duality between mortal and divine love, nor are we afraid to express love in whatever form we are being called to express in. We are unapologetic and reckless, if need be, in our mode of expressions. Anything less would be unjust. 

Your presence is welcomed and honored. 

Space is what we are being called towards, so as to harness soul-development in the spiritual care of authorized female guides on the Path of Ishq. 


Lovers flock together like birds of a feather

Keeping each other’s company

An addiction

A deadly virus

An obligation

A livelihood

A fraternity

Food for the soul

Their hearts connect




Albeit strangers

These lovers are likened to rocks at the seashore

Some which lay upon the sand

Others bathing in the sea

While the select buried beneath the seabed

The Sea is Love!


The rocks upon the shore anguish to enter

Those which bathe within have entered the holy chamber

While those concealed beneath have fully immersed

They cannot be perceived

These ones have reached their goal..

They are One with the sea

One with Love

The Sea of Love!


There are those who stroll the seashore, yearning to join the stations of love

While others; the onlookers, await invitation

The rest are busy in love with everything else but the Sea of Love

Let’s take a dip into that ocean

Let’s taste real Love

Let’s experience Eternal Love

The Sea of Love!


nothing is more valuable

than a Friend 

on the Path of Love

a Confidante

someone who will

treasure your heart

who will fan the fire of 

your innermost yearning

when everyone else seems to be 

wanting you to go astray

the Friend holds you accountable

She has your back in all situations

She wants you to become your Self

for the joy of all

with Her you can share your doubts

the lowliest of thoughts

your most hidden Secrets

She honors your rawness

appreciates your realness

no need for formality with Her

She won’t ever ask you to be 

anything else than you are

She sees light 

where you think only darkness resides

and when dust falls on the mirror

She uses it to polish it


The Divaan E Ishq is open for female seekers from all paths. 

This coaching is not available for purchase.

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